Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Malaysian to define 'Mahathirsm'
Australian writer says 'pariah' nation.

1. The Western Press launched a concerted effort to demonise the new Prime Minister. From France to Britain to Australia, the articles are identical and carried the same message. The in-coming PM is said to be corrupt and involved in a murder case. The Australian writer says Malaysia is a "pariah" nation. I cannot believe that this demonisation by so many at the same time is a coincidence.

2. Included in the condemnation of the new PM is the allegation that he would bring back "Mahathirism". By this the Western press seem to imply that the fourth PM was a dictator who detained for no reason, manipulated the judiciary, controlled the Press etc etc.

3. As the person concerned I will leave it to Malaysians to judge and to define "Mahathirism". They are the constituents which Najib should care about. The foreign press has an agenda of their own. And their friends in Malaysia are feeding them with the anti-Najib stories as they fear Najib would put a stop to their control of the media.
4. Najib can expect to hear more of this kind of demonisation from the foreign press but it is what Malaysians think that counts. It is with them that Najib has to clear his name.

(Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ialah Perdana Menteri Malaysia keempat [1981-2003], aktivis pelajar ketika menuntut di Universiti Malaya, Singapura sekitar dekad 1950-an. Terbabit menandatangani memorandum dalam isu menentang Jus Soli tahun 1950, dan dipecat dari UMNO pada 1969, kontroversi dengan bukunya 'Dilema Melayu').

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