Sunday, July 12, 2009


Dr Marwa was killed
Just for wearing hijab

from: Shahzaib Arif

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July 6 at 3:47 amReply the 32 years old Egyptian doctor Marwa El Sherbini was killed in a German court on the hands of a killer who has accused her of being a terrorist before just for wearing hijab (head veil) he stabbed her 18 stabs after the judge sentenced him to fine and an apology and she was killed before the eyes of her 4 years old son she was pregnant in her 3rd month and her husband was having his m.d he was stabbed too and just recovered from coma to get the terrible news we want a formal apology from the German government.

We Egyptians, Arabs and Muslims are no terrorists and our blood is not cheaper than any other humans guess what? our blood is red too and we breath the same air you breath we want a fair revenge from the killer and a formal apologycontact the German embassy and the parliament for them to know we have a voice our blood is not cheap and tomorrow Tuesday there will be a peaceful stand in front of the German embassy for the soul of an innocent mother killed brutally in cold blood

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